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Tet of women who live in Peace House shelter

She has got married for 15 years and that was the time she lived in "hell on earth" with torture, beatings by an abusive husband. Ironically, she gave birth to 2 girls while her husband always forced her to bear a son for him

When getting 2 daughters, Ms Thoa thought that she would try her best to bring them up. But her husband did not think so, he always wanted to have a son to continue the family line, including 10 girls and only matter is nonsense.

She has got married for 15 years and that was the time she lived in "hell on earth" with torture, beatings by an abusive husband. Ironically, she gave birth to 2 girls while her husband always forced her to bear a son for him

Her life continued by a series of beatings and taunts, blaming on her. Though she knew that her life was hard and terrible, she still kept calm and silent for a reason of the future of the 2 daughters.

For many times, she intended to run away from that situation. But just a few steps, she just came back because of 2 daughters. Ms Thoa knew that, if her children were left, their life would be extremely painful. The step mother will never be kind to them so she tried to bear the pain to live with them.

It means that, she also had to suffer from beatings from the violent husband. Once time, her hand had been broken by that husband. She had to seek support from her neighbors to go to hospital. Having not recovered from that pain, she had to suffer from another beatings.   

That husband tried to find every way to push her out of the house with the aim to bring that adulterous women to live in. She still kept silent for only expectation that when her children grew up, she would find another way.

But violence did not wait her and their children, her body was crushed by the beatings of her husband. Desperately, she had to escape and fortunately found Peace House as a safe place to arrive in.

No longer does she have to suffer from the beatings and fortunately, her children had received an adequate care. When getting the children to go out of the house, she used to think that their daughters would give up school. But when they stay at Peace House, both of her children still have the opportunity to go to school.

Her life with their 2 children is really peaceful, simple. She hopes that her daughters’ life would be better. They will grow up and have the future. They could not stay at Peace House forever. Her first action is to get a job. They would go to find new life, though it would be hard but simple and peaceful.

Ms Thoa is now very happy and released together with other women at Peace House to prepare for lunar Tet. Perhaps this is the first Tet that she is free from painful beatings

When doing housework with other women at Peace House, Ms Thoa finds life really peaceful. Every afternoon, when her children come home from school, she is busy with preparing for their dinner, wash their clothers. The time staying at Peace House helps her to stop on her life for a while before continue to start a new life, a new place where it maybe very difficult but happy and free of violence

What will be the future of de facto wife?

Another case of Peace House, Tham (the name of victim was changed) understands that this is the end for her de facto marriage. She grew up in a poor family of northern mountainous province, so she and her sisters did not have the opportunity to finish shool

Finish primary education, Tham gave up school to help parents do the farm work. Time passed by and she had not got married. She used to think that she would choose a single life.

Some friends invited her to go to the Southern provinces for finding a job. She left her family for Southern province. She worked as a worker in a site and her earnings is just enough to cover her daily life expenses.

And Tham met a man. She was very respectful and enthusiastic with that love. Then they lived together without marriage, with no witness of the two families.

Living together for a couple of years but her husband has not introduced her to his family. Though she put a lot of thinking on this, she still accepted for a hope that they would live happily. Though living together, they separated financially. She did not know how much he earned. All cost of livings based on her little wage monthly.

Even when she gave birth to their first baby, her husband paid no responsibility for the family, no care for her and their baby. He always went business for a long time, some times she heard that her husband had adulterous relationship with other woman, but she did not care .

She could not put up with that situation, Tham called for support from her family. She and the baby came back to her family and received the support from them

She could not accept the poor living condition and did not want to become a burden on parents, Tham had discussed with some friends and had a plan to bring her child to cross the border to earn money. Knowing this information, Tham’s parents are very sad and worried. It is impossible to persuade her daughter to give up that intention, her parents have contacted with Peace House for support.

Tham arrived in Peace House with the hope that her life would change, and could find another way to a better life. Her only motivation was the baby. It should receive better life even without the care of the father. With that thought, Tham became more confident to move on in her life.

All of women at Peace House had a lot of tragedy inside. Especially when Lunar tet is coming, they miss home and remember loved ones. New spring brings countless joy and happiness, but for the women living in the Peace House, it is a long way to reach that happiness.

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