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Center for women and development 2017 - important milestones

2017 was an important year for the Center. Marking 15 years since our establishment, it was an opportunity for us to re-evaluate our journey, usher in a new phase, and express our gratitude to those who continue to support and accompany the Center throughout its development.

This year also marked a significant change in the organizational structure of the Center, as we merged with the Center for Development of Women in the Mekong Delta (located in Can Tho City).

One year has passed with many encouraging results, the models of the Center have gradually show their effectiveness:

1. Peace House Shelter provided safe accommodation and comprehensive support to 117 women and children who had survived domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual abuse. With the help of Peace House Shelter staff, 108 women and children successfully reintegrated into their communities in 2017. In addition, the Center provided counseling services to 1,117 people. 750 people received direct counseling at the Counseling Room, while the rest were counseled through online services and during work trips to different provinces. The highlight of 2017 was the Centers strengthening of its legal support for women, including on issues of property rights, child custody, and judgment execution rights and benefits. The Center also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on legal counseling and support for women and children who experience gender-based violence with the Legal Consultancy Center - Vietnam Bar Federation on 25 November 2017. This will increase the effectiveness of legal support for women, especially for disadvantaged groups.

2. The Center organized 5 training courses on skills to work with men, skills to support victims, and skills to prevent sexual abuse in Hanoi and 3 provinces. Nearly 100 people participated, including Vietnam Womens Union staff from all levels, other representatives and stakeholders. The Center hosted 67 interns  from 13 different universities studying majors such as law, psychology, social work and social studies. This year, CWD completed and published a Manual for interventions and support for women and children who experience gender-based violence. Used by local-level counseling and victim assistance units throughout the country, the manual is easy to use and tailored to the Vietnam context.

Training workshop on building capacity to support victims and establishing victim transferring network between different units in Bac Giang province. December 2017

3. The Center piloted communication activities in gender equality, prevention of violence in schools—including sexual abuse towards girls for teachers—involving 3,152 students and 560 parents from Chu Van An Primary School, Doan Thi Diem EcoPark School, and Experimental Secondary School.

4. In 2017, the Center launched a 24/7 pilot hotline service (1900969680), to help people connect to the counseling offices of VWU in 8 provinces and cities. The next goal is to expand nationwide.

5. In November 2017, as part of Vietnams National Action Month on Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls, CWD co-hosted Hanois third annual White Ribbon Breakfast, welcoming almost 100 stakeholders—mostly men— to coordinate in the fight against GBV.

The 3rd Annual White Ribbon Breakfast was held at the Center for Women and Development.

6. Eight Friday Forums were held at CWD, connecting with 15 partners and engaging more than 300 participants. The contents of the forums in 2017 were more diverse; businessmen were more involved in forums on practical topics such as environment and sustainable development, and support for business development. The topic of gender-based violence was made more more accessible to young people.

Friday Forum - Entrepreneurial spirit held in July

7. CWD served delegates attending the 12th National Congress of Womens Representatives at the Center, and hosted 57 conferences and workshops organized by the Presidium and the departments and units of the Vietnam Womens Union. We welcomed 14 international delegations to visit and exchange experiences on violence against women prevention activities.

Welcoming the Lao delegation, October 2017

8. The Center engaged in charitable activities throughout the country, including co-organizing free medical examination and free medicine distribution for over 1,000 poor households, and donating 205 gift sets in Ca Mau and Hau Giang. CWD donated 10 bicycles, 5 scholarships (valued at 5 million VND) and 1,500 notebooks for poor children in Hau Giang province; donated 60 gift sets for victims of agent orange and people who are under Preferential Treatment Policy; donated 1,000 notebooks to the Womens Union of Tan Hung Commune, Ca Mau Province on the occasion of the 2017-2018 school year; visited and gave gift sets to 100 poor women, 59 disadvantaged preschoolers and 01 Vietnamese Heroic Mother in Cao Bang province.

We would like to give genuine thanks to the leaders of the VWU, the Womens Union at provincial and city levels, different departments of the VWUs Central Committee, our partners, donors, clients, and everyone who has accompanied the Center and supported us to achieve these successes in 2017.

With new demands and a new determination in 2018—and with active support from you—the Center for Women and Development will continue to carry out our mission for the development of Vietnamese women.

Sincere thanks!

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