White Ribbon Breakfast 25 Nov 2017
Statistics of the number of clients in the Peace House
Counted until 15/03/2020
No. of consulting cases 6723
No. of consulted persons 8263
No. of consulting sessions 10966
No. of residents 1281
No. of re-integrated persons 1226
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The Australian Government (period 2013-2017)
Areas of activities Sponsors
Enhancing the quality of Vietnamese labour The Government Partner Program for Development of Australia (GPFD), providing efficient services in the prevention of gender-based violence and human trafficking.
UNICEF (period 2006-2016)
Areas of activities Sponsors
Working in hand with the Vietnamese Government to improve the development and implementation of children’s rights. As a sponsor of Peace House from 2006-2016 in, UNICEF assisted in the establishment and operation of the rescue network, including transferring trafficked victims, and providing support services for women and children suffering from gender-based violence. Also assisted to increase staff’s ability to support the victims of gender-based violence, and develop training documents to support women and children who suffer from gender-based violence.
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation
Areas of activities Sponsors
Supporting the prevention of gender-based violence Key sponsor for the Peace House Shelter, accommodating survivors of human trafficking.
Oxfam Novib
Areas of activities Sponsors
Poverty reduction, medical assistance, increasing awareness and education for disadvantaged people, supporting the victims of war and disasters, giving legal advice, solving gender inequality and ethical issues. (2011 - 2012)
Ford Foundation
Areas of activities Sponsors
Supporting the development of democracy, economics and human rights for local projects, which are run by civilians themselves. Supported the cost of building the Peace House Shelter and the cost of running the project during phases 1 and 2.
Schmitz Stiftungen
Areas of activities Sponsors
Building this website.
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Areas of activities Sponsors
Empowering the poor to help themselves, developing gender equality, opening to new markets and sustaining natural resource management. Strengthening the transferring system of Peace House’s residents.
Ủy ban Y tế Hà Lan tại Việt Nam
Areas of activities Sponsors
Health support in Vietnam, drug dispensing, health knowledge, training members of local health organizations, technical assistance, donor research, advocacy for development and proposal development. Technical support, searching for sponsorship, advocacy for development and proposal development (2006-2007); technical assistance in social work (2007 - 2011).
German International Development Cooperation Agency
Areas of activities Sponsors
Cooperation in making environmental policy, resources used and city development. Ensuring sustainable economic development, vocational training and health system improvement. Technical support and media communication.
Vocational training projects for ethnic minorities, female adolescents, disabled people and disadvantage females
Areas of activities Sponsors
Improving the lives of children by letting them take charge of making and implementing their rights.
United Nations Population Fund and Family
Areas of activities Sponsors
Assisting developing countries with the use of population data to formulate policies, strategies and projects to manage population growth; poverty alleviation; prevention of unwanted pregnancies, HIV immunity; development of gender equality and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime
Areas of activities Sponsors
Collaborating with member nations to fight against drugs, crime and terrorism; implementation of laws which have not yet been executed.
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